Aki Yamaguchi Photography

Capture the Angels

Photography Service


*I travel up to 20 miles (West Houston or from one of my travel destinations)
*Sessions are normally scheduled in the late afternoon.
*Photographer has the copyrights to all images. Your images may be used by me for professional samples, exhibitions and any other purposes.
*Photographer might cancel the session if the dog(s) is too stressed and you will receive a partial refund.
*If you are not satisfied with the outcome, I will refund 70% of the fee.
*At this time I do not photograph weddings and ceremonies.
*I do not photograph dogs wearing e-collar or metal collar

Creativity fees & images

Option 1:

$350: 1-1.5 hour photo session, includes a disc of edited images without the watermark chosen by me. Photo credit must be given when images are used in any websites or publications. Images may not be altered without my permission.

Option 2:

This is a more reasonable option if you are only wanting a handful of pictures. Photo credit must be given when images are used in any websites or publications. Images may not be altered without my permission.

$125 for 1-1.5 hour photo session and online preview
$30 per image if you purchase 1-3 images, $25 each if you purchase 4-6 images, $20 each if you purchase 7+ images

Option 3:

$50: 1-1.5 hour photo session for shelter/foster dogs up to 5 dogs – includes edited images via email. Watermark cannot be removed. $50 goes to a rescue group.


  • Please bring change of clothing. Avoid black, green, heavy patterns and stripes. Bring lots of accessories and make-up kit to reapply.
  • Don’t exercise your dog too much right before the shoot. We want the tongue to stay nice and short. 🙂
  • Bring lots of yummy treats and his/her favorite toy. Toys that make noises are the best.
  • Practice basic behaviors, such as sit/down/wait/hold/watch, in unfamiliar settings.
  • If your dog(s) is shy or nervous with strangers and strange places, please let me know ahead of time.
  • If you are bringing small children, let them have a nap before hand and bring some “reward” – toys, snacks, drinks etc. They will be tired and bored after a while. *Please note that images with your children in them might be used on my website and on social media sites.

Photography Service Agreement (Please print, sign and bring it to the session)

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