Aki Yamaguchi Photography

Capture the Angels


I do illustrations for fun and to raise fund for dog rescues. Please contact for more questions.

*I am not taking on other art projects at the moment.

Click on the thumbnails to view sample artwork

Lucy Mimi Linus
Jindi Charlie3 Tia
Annie HoneyB Qoota
Cat Aldo Kelly
Miles Fugee Hunter
Trio Gus Ollie
Finn Maya Boo
Charlie2 Maggie Callie
August Iggy Puka
Fugee-lines Print

Each illustration is made to order. (**Frame not included) I draw each strand of hair, paw, eye from a high quality picture provided. Blurry images, glowing eyes and watermarked images will be politely declined. Images above are sample drawings. Standard print will be  either on 8/10, 11×11 or 11×14. It can also be printed on a canvas for an additional fee. Dog’s name is optional but there will be a small artist signature on the artwork.

***Normal complexity breeds: Border Collies, Labs, Goldens, Chihuahuas, Pointers etc. Please contact if you are unsure about this. $65 plus $12 for shipping/printing.

***High complexity breeds: Poodles, Shepherds, Merle patterns, Terriers, Long haired dogs like afghans, Curly coats, Doodles etc. $85 plus @12 for shipping/printing.

Be sure to send a picture of your dog that shows his personality, detail of his eyes and true colors. If you used Instagram filters, colors might not be accurate. Please contact me before ordering.


Samples of accepted images. (High quality, good contrast, true colors, head shot, details in the eyes, sharp and no watermark)

421 331 279

Bad examples

bad3 bad2 bad1
Blurry, dark, no detail in eyes Glowing eyes, not a head shot Blurry, dark, not a head shot

4 comments on “Illustration(イラストレーション)

  1. Cristina
    September 4, 2013

    Could you email please? I got a black cocker spaniel I would like to order a portrait. All I got is old pictures, he passed away 1yr ago.
    I’ve fostered for ABCR too. What are the special prices currently and what sizes?

    • bwbc
      September 4, 2013

      Hi Cristina,
      What is your email address? You can email me via the link on the first line too. Please email me the picture. I can let you know if I can draw from it. Thanks!

  2. Deanne Famolare Harris
    October 2, 2014

    Can I place an order? I would like to purchase a one of your illistrations if possible 🙂

    • bwbc
      October 2, 2014

      Hi Deanne! My tablet is broken and I haven’t been able to draw for some time. I will let you know when I am back in “business” but will be a while. Thank you for asking me!! 🙂

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