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Brody – coming soon!

Update 3/25/2015

Brody was tested positive for heartworm again after two months of the least invasive treatment. He will be headed to Dallas for the injections next week. If all goes well, he will be available in late May – early June. If you are interested in him, please read more about him on bcnerd.wordpress.com You can pre-apply for Brody on bcrrt.com.

Updated: 3/1/2015

If you are interested in adopting him (when he becomes available) please read his training progress to learn more about him.


According to his vet, he is approximately 2 years old. He is about 40+ lbs with black and white semi rough coat. He was found as a stray in North Texas back in Jan. He was tested light heart worm positive and currently undergoing a treatment. He will be re-tested in March and he might become available for adoption at that time. He came to us with a little limp on his back leg. X-ray shows an old/healed injury to his knee but it does not seem to bother him.

He is a sensitive, sweet, affectionate boy but he is also afraid of many things so he will need someone patient and kind. He does not have a direct fear towards people, but he is afraid of the things people might do. He is learning to cope with variety of things that scare him; light reflections, bright scenes on TV, aluminum foils, reflections on metal bowls, loud noises, all types of lights, flash lights, sudden movement, car ride, being in the house, new places, food around other dogs, food in people’s hand, popping noise, sticks, crates and anything out of ordinary. In the beginning, he hid, panted, drooled and panicked when he was in the house. On the contrary, he is a completely different dog when he is out in an open field as long as there are no popping sounds that remind him of fireworks. He is the happiest and the most playful dog in the field. He runs through mud like a puppy, rolls in grass and enjoys having my dogs chase him.


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His reaction towards other dogs make me believe he grew up around other dogs. He might have been harshly corrected by other dogs (and people definitely). He avoids confrontation and trouble at all cost, except when his male hormone takes over. He does get a little humpy when he meets a new dog, but his urge can be easily redirected. He is learning to come to me for support, instead of running away and panicking when he is afraid. If you like a dog that is calm, playful at times, and likes to follow you around, you’ll love him! He is scared of going into a crate, but starting to see it as his “safe place”. Once he is inside the crate, he is very comfortable. The hardest part is going in. As long as you keep the same routine, he will go into the crate without hesitation. (more on this on his training progress blog post) At night, he sleeps loosely in his room, occasionally going into the crate to sleep or drink. In my house he is housebroken. (But it is never guaranteed in a new environment) He no longer tries to mark, pee or defecate in the house. Even though he is a fearful dog, he has not shown even a tiny bit of defensive/aggressive signs. Because he is unsure of sudden movement and loud noises, he will do best without small children. I have not officially tested but he might like cats. (based on his reaction to a cat on the fence, it was playful, not aggressive) Cat test can be arranged if you have a cat.


He is no longer scared of TV or being inside the house. He loves to go for a ride or walk and he happily jumps into my Jeep. He is already learning the cues for going outside. The leash in my hand or putting a jacket get him happy and excited. He prances around with his feathery paws. He lets me clip his nails, bathe him, brush him, clean his ears, and medicate him. He is still afraid of reflections but he no longer panics like he used to. We had some lightning and thunder for a few days. He is definitely afraid of them. But his reaction is not as severe as I have seen in other dogs. He stopped shaking as soon as I put a thundershit on him, held him tight and stroked him. (Yes I believe in helping a dog that is scared of thunders.) When he came to me three weeks ago he didn’t respond to “good boy” or happy voice. Today he responds very well to my happy tones of voice. He is starting to be more playful in the house too. When he is feeling comfortable, he carries around his favorite toy and finds a good spot to chew on it. He loves to chew and murder plush toys so if you are adopting him, you’d need lots of toys and bones.


Perfect family for Brody:

– With or without other dogs

– Someone who is looking for a laid back companion dog that enjoys casual outings to parks and fields

– Someone who is willing to help his fear and be patient with his progress

– Lives in Texas

– No small children


7 comments on “Brody – coming soon!

  1. Kjersti - Instagram: @tinnewing
    March 3, 2015

    Wish I could live in Texas and take care of him!
    You are doing an excellent job, Aki!!

    • Aki
      March 3, 2015

      Thanks Kjersti!

  2. Andrea Betarani Vincita
    June 16, 2015

    Hi Aki!
    I’m just wondering how is Brody now? Is he ready for adoption? Or has he found his forever family already? 🙂

    I just love to see and hear about him! Thanks for your great work Aki! 😀

    • Aki
      June 17, 2015

      Hi Andrea, Thank you for your comment! Brody is doing great — except when storm hits. He is still available for adoption but I believe we are getting some inquiries. 🙂

      • Great to hear that Aki!!! I hope we get to see Brody once more before he leaves for his forever family 🙂

  3. Jennifer
    July 2, 2015

    Hi there,
    Is Brody available for adoption?

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