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Mimi – Adopted!

D70_5494Mimi D70_5795Mimi

Age: 5.5 months old
Activity Level: Puppy/Sports candidate
Coat: Puppy – Unknown, Black and white and pink belly
Weight: 16 lbs (as of 9/5/2014)

Update: 9/5/2014
Mimi has graduated from her puppy crate. Yesterday she held for 8 hours in a medium 30-inch big girl crate without an accident! She now sits, downs, wait at the door, wait at the crate and roll-over. This week her foster brother wasn’t with us and she had to sleep alone in a room. It was the first time (probably ever) she had to sleep alone, which caused some anxiety. She cried and whined in her crate. I am working on getting her used to sleeping alone (sleeping in the same room with us – to gradually moving her further in the house) and so far so good. For two nights she slept through the night without crying. (yey!!) She just received the final set of shots yesterday and she is ready for her forever home!

Original bio:

Mimi was surrendered by her previous owner because “They have too many animals”. She was kept in the yard all her short life and was not potty trained or crate trained. When ABCR got her, she had to learn what crate was. For a week she barked and whined in it. As long as she gets enough exercise and mental stimulation, she now sleeps through the night. It’s been a few week and she has not had one accident in the house. She is either confined or let out for potty break every hour or two. It does not mean she is potty trained and she will need to be monitored until she is fully potty trained. On the first day she was very overwhelmed from the long transport. (She still gets car sickness) She did not eat or play and drooled from riding in a car. The adopter might see the same thing on the first day. I strongly suggest you get her towards the weekend so that you can give her plenty of time to adjust.


Just like any young pup, she is curious and mouthy. She will find anything to chew on. Luckily, she loves all sorts of toys. If you leave soft toys rubber toys and kong in her pen she will happily destroy them instead of your shoes and furniture. According to the shelter she was around small children and was good with them. It appears to me that she was encouraged to jump on people. She will jump on people out of excitement and to get your attention. She also tried to climb over a tall pen and get up on a high chair and such. We are working on polite greeting and not jumping. She has some spring on her and already showing her potential as an athlete. She loves toys, especially flirt pole and anything long and moving. She’s starting to tug, fetch and catch water from a hose. She will walk into a kiddy pool to play with a water hose. She is definitely a Border Collie (or majority at least) based on her structure and behaviors but she will be on a smaller size. She is already starting to herd other dogs when they move fast. At this point, I am trying to redirect the behavior to chasing something else. She is food motivated but she likes toys as much. I think she will have a lot of potentials in dog sports —agility, flyball, disc, dock diving. She acts very submissively around other dogs and me. She is a soft and sensitive girl who doesn’t need harsh training method. Reward training will definitely enhance her potential.

A perfect home for Mimi

• Live in Texas, and agree to phone screening and home inspection
• Experienced with Border Collies
• Want to explore canine sports with Mimi, or have experience with them
• Promise to send frequent updates
• Feed high quality food (Not the grocery store kind)

To apply, please visit: www.allbordercollierescue.com

10 comments on “Mimi – Adopted!

  1. Anonymous
    August 28, 2014

    Dear @Bordernerd – I just cannot understand how / why some people do such things!

    “surrendered by her previous owner because “They have too many animals” and. not potty trained or crate trained” My goodness me!!! What a lame excuse!

    Makes me so sad, and I’ll guess that this is not a “worst-case” either…..

    All the thanks to you and your group for the effort and work you do!!!

    Best Regards

    • bwbc
      August 28, 2014

      Hi Tinnewing!
      It’s non-sense isn’t it? How would you expect the puppy to be house trained when she’s kept outside. And that’s just not a life…:( I am getting a lot of inquiries so I am hopefully she will find a forever home soon! Thank you for visiting!

  2. Ellen Hill
    September 13, 2014

    I am very interested in Little Miss Mimi. Could we talk. Ill be home after 3:00 today 9/13.
    Ellen Hill
    previous border collie owner

    • bwbc
      September 13, 2014

      Hi Ellen thank you for your message. Please email us or apply on our website. Our adoption coordinator, Shirley will be in touch! Thank you.

      • Ellen Hill
        September 13, 2014

        Will do that after my meeting. Excited she might still be available.
        watch for message around 3:00

  3. Lauren Carroll
    September 13, 2014

    Is Mimi through ABCR or through another group?

    • bwbc
      September 13, 2014

      Yes abcr

      • Anonymous
        September 13, 2014

        Is she still available? If I have recently adopted through ABCR do I still need to go through the application process or how does that work? I am interested in meeting her if possible. I am a veterinary student at A&M so I am currently in College Station.

      • bwbc
        September 13, 2014

        Please email us at allbordercollierescue @gmail.com

      • Lauren Carroll
        September 13, 2014

        If I have recently adopted with ABCR do I still go through an application process or how does that work? I would love to meet her if she is still available. I am a veterinary student living in College Station.

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