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3 months old puppy – Adopted


Update: Nov 26 – Adoption Pending

Her adoption fell through so she is back to available for adoption! The family decided to get a puppy from a breeder before meeting her. So it had nothing to do with her. If you meet her in person, I guarantee you’d fall in love.

Pink3Pink5She is a pure bred 3 months old Border Collie. She comes from a ranch and her parents are working dogs. At this age, she already eyes and stalks toys. It is absolutely beautiful to watch. But she has not tried to bite or chase anyone’s ankles. She is playful and sweet. For her age, she is polite to adult dogs. She does not lick or  jump on them excessively. She is slightly sound sensitive but getting exposed to many unusual things and noises at her foster home. She was scared of cars going by but she would ignore them if I have her chase toy. She’s learning to fetch, tug and chase toys. She can hold up to 8 hours in her crate and now sleeps quietly all night. I would like her to go to an active and experienced home that uses reward based training method. She is very soft and submissive. She works for praise, affection, treats and playtime. I think she has a potential in herding and other canine sports. If you have any questions, please contact bcrescue@me.com If you would like to adopt her, please apply online. More pictures, check out my last post. 


14 comments on “3 months old puppy – Adopted

  1. James and Jeanette Matte
    November 17, 2013

    We are definitely interested. We are across the road from Missy Schwartz. Clinton Haun has Border Collies and we love them.

    • bwbc
      November 18, 2013

      If you are interested in her or any other dogs, please apply him online. The info/link is on the post. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous
    November 18, 2013

    Please give me information on adopting her….. Thanks

    • bwbc
      November 18, 2013

      There is a link on this post. Thanks.

  3. Deb Lucas
    November 18, 2013

    Where is she??

  4. Robyn Lipschutz
    November 20, 2013

    Do you think she and Louie would get along well?

    • bwbc
      November 23, 2013

      Hi Robyn,
      It’s been a few years so it’s hard for me to tell. But she is good with most dogs. she gets scared of big, loud dogs but if the other dogs are friendly and if you monitor carefully, she gets comfortable.

      • Robyn Lipschutz
        November 24, 2013

        Thanks for your response. He’s not a big loud dog; in fact he’s very soft usually. We’re thinking you probably would like to keep her in your area so you can keep tabs on her, correct?

  5. Denise Paniconi
    November 22, 2013

    I filled out the paperwork on Nov 17. How long does it take to process? My husband and I are anxious to bring her home for Christmas. She would be a great addition to our family. We have a border collie (male) and 2 dog friendly cats.

    • bwbc
      November 23, 2013

      Sorry for the delay. The adoption coordinator is working on applications this week. We received so many in the last two weeks and she’s trying to contact each between her jobs. thanks for your patience!

  6. Tracy Strain
    November 25, 2013

    I had Verse with me for a short week and she got along with my Great Pyrenees and had quite interest in the foster kitten. She’s full of spunk and loving energy! From my short experience anyways. Tracy (if it’s ok I shared my FB pics of Verse and her sisters below)

  7. nita
    December 4, 2013

    Very interested! Been looking for one just like her. I see there are alot of others interested in her also. I have one hang up do not drive in big cities. See it is in Houston.
    Live at Spicewood Tx. on a ranch and she would be my number one ranch hand in handling sheep and goats for me.

    • bwbc
      December 4, 2013

      Hi Nita,
      She is adoption pending. If all goes as planned, she will be with her forever family very soon. Thanks for your interest. Please visit http://www.allbordercollierescue.com for other BCs for adoption. ❤

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