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Win a custom illustration of your Border Collie!

Read below for a chance to win a custom illustration of your Border Collie! Please read the guidelines carefully.

  1. Donate $5 per photo to All Border Collie Rescue and write “Illustration for (dog’s full name)” under purpose. Click here to proceed.
  2. Email HIGH QUALITY, HEADSHOT of your Border Collie to bcrescue@me.com. To increase the chance to be selected, send in a sharp, interesting, expressive photo. See at the bottom of this page for more tips. Please write your dog’s FULL name in the subject line.
  3. The deadline: August 25, 2013.
  4. The winner will receive one custom illustration on 11×14 or 11×11 (depending on the design) in the mail.
  5. ***By sending your images, you are giving the artist and All BC Rescue the permission to use them. If the image was taken by someone else, please have the photographer email bcrescue@me.com.
  6. Dog’s name on the artwork is optional. There will be a small artist signature on the illustration.

Click on the thumbnails to view sample artwork

Ronnie Fugee Hunter
Miles Gus HoneyB
Trio Maya Ollie
Charlie2 Maggie Callie
August Iggy Puka
Cooper Boo
Fugee-lines Jammer

Below are samples of good photos for drawing. They are high quality, good contrast, true colors, head shot, details in the eyes, sharp and no watermark.

421 331 279

Bad examples

bad3 bad2 bad1
Blurry, dark, no detail in eyes Glowing eyes, not a head shot Blurry, dark, not a head shot

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